2D (Extreme Monster Truck) Driving sim for Android

Drive a Monster Truck across impossible terrains!
Compare times and global rank!
Some levels require speed, and bravery
Others require precision and cunning

make your own levels (using inksMoto – the level editor for xMoto)

Similar to these games: xMoto, ElastoMania, trials, mx moto
But in a monster truck instead of a bike 🙂

In the unlightly event you come across a bug or other problem – or even just have a suggestion please e-mail me! (or even ring me)

Updated most days with extra levels and features.
Level 1-4 in the “original” pack are quick and easy while you get the hang of the game.

-online high score
-4 Wheel drive
-Customizable wheel size
-customizable suspension
-customize controls
-complex interactive levels
-you can load your own levels!
-Ice, Grass, Dirt, Bricks and more
-Simple graphics mode for very old/slow phones
-several control options (joystick, touch, keyboard, accelerometer)
-realistic variable engine sound

-Pro version    -Free Version


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  2. the level 13 of the original is it possible?

  3. Can’t find last checkpoint in level 14…. I have searched for a while. Tip maybe?

  4. How the f do u get to the checkpoint on level 13 classic? I get down their but can’t get high enough either way around the loop to hit it. ???

    • You need to drive at the loop from the ground fast, do half a back flip in the air, turn round, and drive right round the loop at high speed – doing a massive vertical jump 🙂

  5. Great new backround chozabu..i hav a good idea for you..wat about be able to change the paint for ur car? Nd can u please start making maps for paid versions please? Thanks 😀

  6. what is this code that u have to put in?

  7. Lastest version crashes at launch on my X10.

  8. after upgrade problem start

  9. Hi Chozabu,

    First of compliments on one of my old skool favourites remake, elastomania. One question though. I really prefer the buttons/buttons mode will you be introducing dual touch for more up to date devices to avoid the buttons locking up?


  10. What are all cheat codes

  11. Greate game, but needs more levels.

  12. Any chance of down loading other peoples maps? computer wont let me make any and i want some new ones?

  13. Big thanks for the game!!! i’m playing only wheelz on my phone.

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