Old Games

Here is a slightly random collection of old games

~2008 – 2012?

Some fractals in python, with pygame
      pythonfractals/         28-Apr-2016 07:57    -
a remake a of hoverrace (old internet racing game)
      freehover.7z            31-Jan-2012 07:51  3.5M  


A few different version of "Marble" - A platformer with verlet
physics, and ropey grappeling hooks (C++)
      dist.zip                09-Feb-2007 08:54  1.7M  
      marble-ss.png           18-Jun-2008 08:18  395K  
      marble.zip              31-Jan-2012 08:16  2.0M  
      oldmarble.zip           04-Mar-2006 06:15  1.2M]
and the game I started with before making marble
      Chibigame.7z            31-Jan-2012 07:49  3.0M
A Leiro/Worms type game, with network play
      neinjarz.7z             31-Jan-2012 09:18  6.0M 

more files here: http://chozabu.net/stuff/neinjarz/

a couple of "tron lightcycles" type racing games
      GeuoGame.zip            30-Dec-2012 16:42  3.9M  

VerletSolidBodyCars.7z 31-Jan-2012 07:47 1.4M

Flash games and toys
      cleansnow.swf           27-Sep-2009 11:10  2.6K  
      combosnake.swf          27-Sep-2009 11:10   12K  
      jeffthegloop.swf        27-Sep-2009 11:10  2.6K  
      monopole.swf            27-Sep-2009 11:10  2.9K  
      movietest7.swf          31-Jan-2012 08:20   95K  
      rdmanbg.swf             27-Sep-2009 11:10   13K
Various toys/games (visual basic 6)
      vbstuff.7z              31-Jan-2012 07:45  1.6M

A few other misc items:

The start of a game based on the movie "tremors"
 - where you play a giant earth eating worm (C++)
      actionsnake.7z          31-Jan-2012 08:33  556K 
 A ragdoll-abuse game (C++)
      human3.7z               31-Jan-2012 08:15  1.8M  
?? (I don't remember - a.. boat game?)
      pirates.rar             31-Jan-2012 08:35  275K  
A simple water sim?
      water game.7z           31-Jan-2012 08:14  1.4M

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