Mesh Democracy Progress Update


A Screen shot of a proposal in List with “Sankey Vote Tree” and “Force Directed Representation Graph”: The Sankey Vote graph now looks nicer than it did with hand-written test data. The Representation Graph shows representation in parent topics with colour coding and legend.

Mesh Democracy

A Vote using some hand-crafted Data

Progress on this implementation of “Distributed Liquid Democracy” is going well, Steadily progressing into something amazing – “Mesh Democracy”. The underlying system is up and running. It works, kind of like a car without bodywork “runs”, but still should not be driven on the road. To try and make it …

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Liquid Democracy and Retroshare


For several months now, I’ve been working on various parts of RetroShare, including building a Scripting/RPC system(along with a selection of scripts), helping out with a Web user interface, Starting porting to Android and trialling new features such as parent-topics. What really brings me to RetroShare is the desire to build …

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Time for an update :)

Well – its been over a year since my last update. (and the first release of wheelz) Everyone is going mad over SOPA – and with good reason! It’s yet another piece of legislation that’ll harm the poor and oppressed while further enriching the very wealthy. If you don’t know …

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