Developer, with a focus on game Physics, Gameplay and Rendering.

Proficient with Python, C++, Blueprints and several other languages + web technologies.

Keen to work more with VR and other interesting new hardware.


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A portal system for UE4 devs – pure blueprints handles basic portals, with 1 extra level of real recursion, and fake recursion thereafter. Performance enhanced through mipmapping render targets, well generalised to handle physics objects and characters


Steam Link

Physics based motorbike game, inspired by 2d bike games like Trials, Xmoto, Elastomania
UE4, C++ & BP


itch.io link

Escher Inspired game where gravity is relative, and space is non-elucidian. Made for Epic Game Jam, UE4 BP


itch.io link

Game where you play as a large number of physics based gold bags.
Made for Epic Game Jam, UE4 BP – received “Honourable mention”

Edgeless Chill

itch.io link

VR game with a superhot-style slowmo mechanic about jumping around fighting ninjas.
Made for Epic Game Jam, UE4 BP – received “Honourable mention”


VR landscape sculptor, using www.voxelplugin.com
Not yet released
UE4, C++ & BP


Physics based android game – several million downloads, but no longer available on google play. (may still be on amazon app store)
Java, using AndEngine & box2d

Other Work

Represent.me – Complete Backend, using Django Rest Framework – allowing for complex voting mechanisms and ranked inter-comparison amongst all users

Crowdholding.com – Optimising and tidying of Django backend

More Links

Youtube – mostly videos of in-dev games and VR projects.

Github Pull Requests – several pages, mostly of contributions to open source projects

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