Wheelz2 – now in early access on steam

The core idea behind Wheelz2 is the same as Wheelz1 – get to the finish. It’s still in early access, but has functioning multi-player (mostly – see a video for Forsen giving an older version a go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BAVpFVGW6Y) Lots of levels are now focused more on speed than Trials, …

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Mesh Democracy Progress Update

A Screen shot of a proposal in List with “Sankey Vote Tree” and “Force Directed Representation Graph”: The Sankey Vote graph now looks nicer than it did with hand-written test data. The Representation Graph shows representation in parent topics with colour coding and legend.

Mesh Democracy

Progress on this implementation of “Distributed Liquid Democracy” is going well, Steadily progressing into something amazing – “Mesh Democracy”. The underlying system is up and running. It works, kind of like a car without bodywork “runs”, but still should not be driven on the road. To try and make it …

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Liquid Democracy and Retroshare

For several months now, I’ve been working on various parts of RetroShare, including building a Scripting/RPC system(along with a selection of scripts), helping out with a Web user interface, Starting porting to Android and trialling new features such as parent-topics. What really brings me to RetroShare is the desire to build …

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Time for an update :)

Well – its been over a year since my last update. (and the first release of wheelz) Everyone is going mad over SOPA – and with good reason! It’s yet another piece of legislation that’ll harm the poor and oppressed while further enriching the very wealthy. If you don’t know …

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