Mesh Democracy – A new direction: Agora

Mesh Democracy Lives! You can visit the Agora at

It is still rather rough round the edges – but you can navigate/alter a tree of topics, select representatives for topics who can select sub-representatives, post, vote, tag and do most of the actions needed for Liquid Democracy.

The main feature missing is decentralisation. Hopefully this can be added at a later date.

There is of course a list of features longer than my arm I’d like to implement, and Every part of the system could be improved.

Here are some pictures of a few areas of the website:

The Topic Tree

A Topic

A Post

Vote Details – showing representation.

A map of representation in the system

And the index (for now)

Did I mention there are rough edges? This is only a ~week old, so expect big changes!

Check it out! look at the desired features area: to help design the system (this is currently it’s main use)

Post there (or send me an email), saying what you love/hate about it. If you don’t get it, or have a brilliant idea! Even minor things like tweaks to layout or spelling mistakes


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